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Café Pension Krems, Heroldsberg Tal 17, 91344 Waischenfeld, Germany
Phone: 0049 (0) 9202 – 245

„The „Franconian Switzerland“, a region in Northern Bavaria, is one of the oldest and most popular holiday areas on Germany. The creative artists of the Romantic movement once discovered this region and gave it this name. There ist hardly any other stretch of countryside that holds as many contrasts within such a small area: soaring towers atop rocky cliffs, winding valleys, blossoming orchards, mysterious and chanting caves. Unspoilt nature, sometime from its endearing side, sometimes rather harsher, and worth a journey of discovery at any time of the year.“


  • 25 km to Highway 9, Exit Bayreuth Nord (from Berlin)
  • 18 km to Highway 9, Exit Trockau (from München)
  • 25 km to Highway A 73, Forchheim Süd (from Bamberg)


  • 25 km to Railway Station of Bayreuth
  • 17 km to Railway Station of Ebermannstadt


  • 60 km to Airport Nürnberg
Fränkische Schweiz